Police warning of criminals breaking tuck shop walls with hammers


Station Commander of Attridgeville SAPS, Brigadier Mbangwa, called on all street committees, neighborhood watch, patrollers and the community at large to keep their eyes open for 3­­-5 African males suspected of breaking walls with hammers, entering through the hole they made and stealing from the tuck shop owners.

The group is alleged to be armed with firearms has in the past 24-hours burgled nine local tuck shops.

“This is a great concern to the SAPS as people’s livelihoods are being taken by thugs who do not respect the difficult times which we are still dealing with of Covid-19,” says Brigadier Mbangwa.

He appealed to the community of Attridgeville to alert the police and their neighborhood watch by sounding the whistles when they see the alleged suspects.

The community is urged to call 10111 or call the station directly on 012 384 1101. A sector vehicle can be contacted on 071 675 6434/35

The Station Commander would, however, like to advise the Community not to approach the alleged suspects as they are armed and dangerous.