More schools have shut down due to corona virus

Learners being screened before the schoolwas closed

More than one school has been affected by the coronavirus. OMAR H.S Ibrahim Lotus Gardens Primary School shut down yesterday when one of the staff members tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Parents received letters from the school, informing them about the news. Fumigation is planned to take place during the 14 day period. Parents were advised to be on the lookout about any new information regarding the school on social media platforms.

The principal of the school Mr L.S Moodley informed parents through letters that the school will be closed temporarily for fumigation and deep cleaning.

One of the parents said she was very concerned with her child’s health.

“I would never advise any parent to take their child to school during this pandemic, rather let the child repeat the grade next year than take risks” she added.

The school is expected to resume on the 21st of July.