The new approach to skin deep beauty

Laser treatment for all skin muscles

Good looking, glowing, and smooth skin is every lady’s dream. Looking younger, healthier, and happier is everyone’s wish. Unfortunately not all of us can keep our skins looking younger and healthier, we cannot avoid wrinkles, acne, dullness, dryness, dark circles, scarring, and many more unsightly skin challenges.

During the lockdown, our beauty and makeup regime changed as we did not have to apply cosmetics for work or going out often, highlighting skin blemishes in the process.

As we are now back to work and we are allowed to go out, we are supposed to bring our skin back to life and beautiful again. Non-surgical treatments have the potential to offer enduring results rather than continuing to cave our natural beauty or select invasive surgical procedures.

Dr Sheryl Smithies, a dentist trained in medical aesthetics, specifically non-invasive medical facial treatment explains that these treatments often eliminate the need for costly and painful traditional cosmetic surgeries. The variety of facial treatments, whilst confusing, also means there is likely to be a treatment for your specific concern.

Injection skin facial treatment

Here is a checklist of the concerns that would make you an ideal candidate for non-invasive facial treatment. If you think you look tired, you have gained weight or lost a lot of weight lately and see the result in your face, and if you have wrinkles or excess skin around your neck that is something that should worry you.

If you are experiencing the above mentioned, treat such neurotoxin, hyaluronic and fillers and thread lifts may all aid to smooth and lift wrinkles, leaving you with a softer expression, but what exactly do these treatments entail?

For a neurotoxin, the gold standard is aesthetics. The procedure involves injecting small amounts of Botulinum toxin into the specific muscles to cause temporary paralysis and prevent your skin from wrinkling around the muscle group.

This result in smooth skin and softer facial expression lasts about 4 months depending on the muscle group.

It is one of the most economical of the treatment. If you love your skin, be willing to part with between R65 and R80 and the treatment of the three main problem areas would cost approximately R3, 500 to R4, 500 per appointment depending on the muscle group being treated.