The best and easy way to rehabilitate natural hair.


Our hair experience all sort of damage from the chemicals we use without knowing what harm it may cause to out hair. Back in the days, we use to cut, color, cure, and also crime our hair, these are some of the things we still even do today.

There are signs which you can discover on your hair that it is in need of rehabilitation, the following are some of the sign by Renne Potgieter you can experience when your hair needs attention and if it is mistreated. Your hair will become dull, build-up, dry scalp, dandruff, oiliness, hair loss, and sensitivity might be a common side effect of a long term chemical dependency.

Different types of sources that may cause these symptoms are PH imbalance, a nutrient deficiency in the body, compromised porosity and elasticity, and also physical reactions to the reaction of the chemicals in our hair products. Remember that our hair is like our skin when you mistreat it, it displays signs of aging and damage.

Everyone’s hair is already uniquely beautiful it simply needs the time to recover, which happens at different speeds for different people.


Hair rehabilitation is about awareness of what chemicals you come into contact with daily so you can be able to detox from them, everything that you use such as shampoo, conditioner oils, heat protector, and even bubble bath may have impacts on your hair.
Double-check the ingredients lists so that you may be able to exclude any products with terrifying unpronounceable words and alcohol.

Deep cleanse your hair, give yourself time to deep cleanse your hair that will be able to remove any chemicals which have build up and expose the natural state of your hair. After deep cleansing, it is best recommended that you nourish your hair with treatments like oils, masks, and conditioners that contain botanical elements that will help your hair look good and loved.

To improve the texture of your hair and prolong its color take very good care of the cuticle layer.

Limiting chemical exposure, after all your hard work in detox and recovery you need to practice healthier habits, use more natural products, a nourishing diet and be kind to yourself with personal care regime.

If you start with the basics and have patience, your hair will recover. You are already beautiful, your ideal hair is ready for you to fetch it, it’s only a few steps away.