Atteridgeville residents take part clean – up campaign

Atteridgeville residents join the clean up campaign.

The MMC for Environment and Agriculture Management, Cllr Dana Wannenburg, yesterday joined residents of Atteridgeville who took ownership of their community for a clean – up a campaign where several streets and open areas were cleared of litter and illegal dumping.

This is the initiative of the City’s efforts to catch up on clearing the illegal dumping backlog and a campaign to mobilize the community of all Tshwane residents to cooperate with the City to keep communities clean.

“Effects of illegal dumping cause damage to the environment, it can lead to contamination of the soil and water. It can also attract rodents like rats and manifestations of flies and insects and also hazardous waste from illegal dumping can cause fires.

“The Executive Mayor has committed the City to clear and preventing illegal dumping and it must be noted that this is a crime punishable by heavy fines and possible imprisonment.

“Tshwane Metro Police officials have been instructed to take decisive action against anyone found to be dumping illegally,” said Cllr Dana Wannenburg.

Members of the public are encouraged to report incidents of illegal dumping to the Tshwane Metro Police Department on the 24 – hour contact line on 012 358 7095/7096 or via email at